Winter Wolves at Wolf Park Open House

BATTLE GROUND, Ind.(WLFI) – Saturday’s snowfall didn’t keep some from catching a peek at some wildlife in Battle Ground today.

Wolf Park held an open house of their facility, giving many a chance to snap photos of the wolves in the elements.

The wolves are typically more active around this time of year, often howling and courting one another.

All that activity gives them a large appetite which was satisfied this afternoon with roadkill deer.

“We don’t have a really large pack right now so the wolves are getting pieces and parts of a carcass. We rotate who gets muscle meat and who gets organ meat because in order to have a balance diet they need to have access to all parts of the carcass. They just don’t need it at every single feeding,” said Wolf Park head animal curator Pat Goodman.

For those that would like to get out to the park and see the wolves in their own habitat, the park is
open every Saturday evening starting at 7:30 p.m. from now until May.

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