Truitt changes mind on HJR-3

Indiana Statehouse (WLFI File Photo)
Indiana Statehouse (WLFI File Photo)

WEST LAFAYETTE (WLFI) – Next week, the Indiana House of Representatives is set to take up debate on House Joint Resolution 3, the proposed marriage amendment that could lead to a permanent ban on gay marriage. When discussion begins, at least one area Republican representative says, he has changed his mind.

Republican Randy Truitt voted for the proposal in 2011, but told News 18 Friday that his position has evolved and that he cannot support the current wording. He adds he can’t support the second sentence of HJR-3, which would not recognize civil unions and other similar partnerships.

He also doesn’t think it should need a companion bill to explain the intent.

“For me, being a believer and strong supporter in traditional marriage between a man and a woman, the second sentence ended up being something that I felt was something that I would not want in the Constitution. Even though I’m not the one that was voting on whether it was going in the Constitution, I believe this is something that needs to be very clear, very clean, very crisp and no room for interpretation,” said Truitt.

Truitt said for every voter who told him they were in favor of the amendment, there were two who told him they were against it.

Finally, he called Brian Bosma’s move to re-assign the amendment to another committee an unusual one and didn’t think it was the right thing to do.

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