Floodgate frozen at Norway Dam

People asked to stay off of Lake Shafer.
People asked to stay off of Lake Shafer.

WHITE Co., Ind. (WLFI) – Emergency management officials are asking people to stay off of Lake Shafer after a floodgate froze.

NIPSCO Public Affairs Manager Stephanie Vandiver said the floodgate froze Monday and that workers were having trouble closing the floodgate.

The frozen floodgate is causing lower water levels at Lake Shafer. The lower levels have created a gap between the ice and water, which could weaken the ice.

Vandiver said that the floodgates normally don’t freeze.

“We do exercise our gates regularly in cold temperatures to ensure that if we need to alter the floodgates, we’re able to do so. This is just a unique situation due to the abnormally low temperatures,” said Vandiver.

A contractor will be at the dam Wednesday to thaw the floodgate.

Vandiver said she was unsure when water levels will return to normal.

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