Purdue program offers PE for home-schoolers


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Students at Purdue are teaching a physical education class for children who are home schooled.

The Home School Gymnastics Program teaches kids the basics of tumbling, balance beam and parallel bars.

Purdue physical education students are working with the kids while earning class credit.  The program started in 2007 and is designed to help young children develop motor skills and gain self-esteem.

Home-school student Evelyn Hoefer said she’s learned a lot from the program.

“I’ve noticed that, of course, when I come home I’m exhausted. Before I took the PE program, I couldn’t shoot a basketball at all. You handed me a basketball and I couldn’t do anything. Now, I can shoot into the hoop,” said Hoefer.

Director Carol DeHaven said it is important for kids to start their physical education early, in order stay fit their entire lives.

The gymnastics program continues through March.



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