Tippecanoe County tallying up snow removal costs

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – The cost of plowing snow keeps adding up for Tippecanoe County. Officials estimated they have spent more than $600,000 on snow removal.

January’s snow storm cost the county $290,000.  A lot of that money is for overtime pay.

Tippecanoe County Highway Department Director Opal Kuhl said plowers worked all but three days in the month of January. They have also worked every weekend this year.

Kuhl said the costs are dipping into spring and summer projects.

“We estimate then we put some extra money in there for overtime and salt and sand,” Kuhl said. “We kind of know how many tons of salt we use each year, how much sand we use, we know how much overtime. But this year everything has been blown away.”

Kuhl is currently working on getting the exact cost from February’s snow.

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