Clinton County to pay commissioner’s legal fees after paving injunction

wlfi- 450 west file photo

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – Clinton County will pick up the tab for a commissioner’s legal fees after he filed an injunction to put a stop to a paving project.

As News 18 reported back in 2012, former commissioners Mike and Bill Beard voted to pave County Road 450 West. Commissioner Skip Evans sued to stop it, arguing that Mike Beard wanted the road paved because it is in front of Beard’s house. Beard said the paving was needed because of a nearby DNR nature preserve.

A judge ruled against Evans, but he appealed. Evans and two newly elected commissioners stopped the project last January.

Now, a Hamilton County Judge has ruled the county will pay Evans’ $15,000 in legal fees. The county council had argued Evans acted on his own, not as a commissioner.

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