Lafayette school helps kids have ‘safe place’

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A Lafayette elementary school is giving students a place to go when they need a helping hand.

Earhart Elementary School unveiled their “Friendship Benches” to students Monday morning. The benches will be placed around the school for kids to sit on when they are bullied or feeling sad.

If a student sees someone sitting on one of the benches, they are encouraged to ask how they can help. Kindergarten teacher Carla Coleman said it’s important for kids to know they are not alone.

“Sometimes you don’t always know where to go to get help,” said Coleman. “I wanted this bench to be another place for them to go. If you need help, just sit down. Whether it’s another student or an adult, we will be there immediately.”

Coleman said the benches are perfect for kids who are being bullied.

“I think we have a lot more known, a lot biger picture. I think there was a time when kids just felt lost, like they had no place to go,” COleman said. “I think now, teachers and other adults are making more and more avenues open for these kids.”

Coleman said donations for the benches came in from as far away as Louisiana and Texas. Additional benches are being planned for next school year.

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