Barton Beach Road residents return home

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – It’s a truck at the center of it all. Many saw the white Ford truck in the middle of rushing water when an ice jam caused flooding on Barton Beach Road. It, like many things in the neighborhood, is salvageable.

“[The truck] had a tree lodged underneath it that’s what moved it over about a foot and a half,” Barton Beach Road resident James Haynes said. “So it’s been a pretty tough truck.”

Haynes spent Saturday fixing the truck. He said he thought it was totaled, but now is confident it will run again.

Haynes and his family moved back into their Barton Beach Road home Friday night.

“God blessed us on this deal,” Haynes said. “The house never got touched by nothing. There is no damage except for two pieces of siding on the house.”

However, other homes were not as lucky. Several were taken off their foundation making them unlivable. Haynes said he and his family lived with his landlord’s family for one week. He called that week hectic.

But Haynes said, it gave him time to think about what happened.

“Nobody got hurt,” Haynes said. “Nobody was injured or killed. That’s a blessing in my eyes.”

Haynes said all his utilities are back up and running. He is happy to be home.

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