Purdue political science professor urges for diplomacy in Ukraine

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The United States’ involvement in Ukraine is a concern for one Purdue political science professor.

Professor Harry Targ said he has some worries that the situation could turn violent.

On Monday more Russian troops arrived in Crimea further escalating the conflict.

Targ said he believes much of the tension going is in part to paranoia coming from Russia and that the country is worried about the Ukraine becoming fully engrained in the European Union.

Targ said Obama needs to continue diplomacy and avoid violence at all costs.

“Sometimes in international relations, there are no great outcomes. The best approach is to limit the amount islands that is going on. As the most powerful country in the world, we have the capacity to be mature,” said Targ.

Targ said he hopes for a peaceful solution in the Ukraine, but warns that this situation could escalate into war.

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