Lemonade Day teaches kids life lessons


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Greater Lafayette Commerce is giving Tippecanoe County kids the chance to learn what it takes to run a business as part of National Lemonade Day.

Kids get a loan from an adult to buy supplies, then on May 17 they set up their stands around Greater Lafayette. The money they make will go towards paying back the loan. They will save part of it and give a portion to charity.

GLC program manager Kathryn Byrd said the event teaches valuable lessons.

“It really promotes entrepreneurship with the youth we have in the area. They get really exited about it. It’s a great competitive atmosphere. It gets people out, gets them involved in the community and gets them excited to start their own business,” Byrd said.

To kick things off Mayors John Dennis and Tony Roswarski, along with County Commissioner John Knochel, spoke at a press conference at Old National Bank in Lafayette.

To sign your child up for Lemonade Day, click here.

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