Renovation coming for South Tipp Park

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – It’s a project that’s been in the works for nearly two years, and now the time has come.

“We’ve had to wait for the weather to cooperate before we could begin the demolition and now we will actually go into construction within the next couple of months,” said Lafayette Parks Superintendent Claudine Laufman.

Laufman said the project includes demolition and then renovation of South Tipp Park. She said it’s a makeover they felt the community deserved.

“The community, certainly the neighborhoods right around here, really utilize this park quite a bit and it has really just been loved to death. So, it really needed a new overhaul, a new renovation, and we’re really excited,” said Laufman.

The master plans for the project include the addition of new swings, a 20-foot shelter and water spritzer. Laufman said the park will also include two never before seen features.

“It’s going to contain several different play pieces. Two of which, Evos and Weevos play pieces, we have nowhere else in our city parks,” said Laufman. “So, we’re really excited to bring that.”

The Lafayette Parks Department partnered with Subaru of Indiana Automotive for the project. Laufman said the entire project will cost about $260,000. She said it’s an upgrade she hopes will keep bringing families back for generations to come.

“I know the kids I’ve spoken to recently were really excited about the plans,” said Laufman. “So, I think it’s important to create a new legacy for this neighborhood, and we’re glad to be a part of it.”

The park will remain closed during construction. The final project is set to be complete late this summer.

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