Endocyte drug gains EU approval


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Local drug company Endocyte is celebrating after the EU recommended approval of their drug that treats ovarian cancer.

Vynfinit uses a homing molecule to carry therapeutic agents to specific malignant cells. The general technology in the drug was discovered more than 20 years ago at Purdue. Philip Low, a Purdue professor of chemistry and a founding member of the company, says most cancer treatments are indiscriminate which lead to side effects like nausea and hair loss.

He says the the recent developments are a major step forward in cancer treatment.

“By providing a targeted therapy for these poor individuals that are suffering from platinum resistant ovarian cancer we feel like we can make a significant contribution to society,” said Low.

Low adds that he sees potential for this drug to be used in the treatment of other cancers in the future. Early tests have already showed a similar reaction to the drug in lung cancer treatment.

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