Cold start to spring good for some, bad for others

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – It’s mid-March and the cold temperatures just don’t seem to want to go away. For Ace Hardware in West Lafayette, that means their customers aren’t leaving either.

“With the cold weather, I guess it’s probably been our busiest winter season for about 10 or 12 years I think, as far as business goes,” said assistant manager John Herr.

Herr said this season’s top sellers seemed to be pipe repair tools, space heaters and ice melters. He said those particular products were hard to keep in stock.

“We’re one of those businesses where you need us if you’re either improving something or repairing something, and there was a lot of repair this winter,” said Herr.

While these colder temperatures are helping some local business, it’s also hurting others.

Coyote Crossing General Manager Shane Weist said they usually try to open the course in early March, but this year, that didn’t happen.

“Round wise, especially going back two years ago, we played 1,500 rounds in March, last year we played zero, and we’re going to have zero again this year,” said Weist.

This comes in what Weist said can often be the most crucial time for the golf business.

“It’s a huge impact because in the golf business, the spring and fall rounds are really what makes your season, because you know you’re going to play consistent rounds during the summer months,” said Weist.

Weist said while the course hopes to open the first week of April, it’s all dependent on Mother Nature. He said this year’s frost line caused the course to hold a lot of moisture, and that’s something that will have to dry on it’s own.

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