Warmer weather allows lawn to recover from snow mold

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The snowy winter has brought more than cool temperatures and flooding. It has also brought snow mold.

The infection happens while snow sits on your yard. Fungus develops on top of the grass, but does not attack the roots.

Purdue plant experts said the mold won’t cause any harm to humans or animals and your lawn will eventually recover from it. The mold is more common this year because of all of the snow. As the weather warms up, the mold will eventually go away.

“It does go away because as soon as the temperatures increases above a certain point, let’s say to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the fungus stops growing. It just then withers away,” said Purdue Botany and Plant Pathology Professor Richard Latin.

To help your lawn recover quicker, Latin said rake the moldy areas and lay down fertilizer over the spots.

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