Lafayette Council approves $900K for road projects

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The Lafayette City Council approved almost a million dollars for road projects Monday night.

As News 18 has already reported, $900,000 from the county wheel tax will go toward major projects including portions of 18th, Kossuth and Ferry streets. Mayor Tony Roswarski expects just those three projects to eat up more than one-third of the money.

In all, Roswarski hopes to spend more than $1.5 million on road repairs this summer.

In a bit of an unusual move, crews will start on the Kossuth and 18th projects even before school is out, so closures don’t come at the same time as Earl Avenue closes after the Durkees Run Project is complete.

“We want to try to keep traffic moving. We don’t want to inconvenience any more than possible. Sometimes it’s just physically impossible,” said Roswarski. “But I think at least in that area, I can avoid a big chunk of  that this year.”

Roswarski said they will do one project at a time to make sure they don’t overextend the budget.

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