Lafayette neighborhood comes together to save home

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A 19th century house is deemed unsafe to live in, but a Lafayette neighborhood is trying to save it.

The house located on 617 New York St. has been empty for more than four years. A group of neighbors is gathering funds to repair the home.

Wabash Valley Trust President John Burns says it will take some considerable funds to fix, but is worth saving.

“One of the key features is the tower on top the front center, which is pretty unusual I think. I haven’t seen many other houses that were built with this style, so I would imagine this could be one of the only ones that ever looked like this standing, if not the only one,” said Burns.

Lafayette Building Commisioner Mark Gick said the house will be reviewed at a meeting in May by the city. Gick said he does not expect the house to be demolished at this time, but it will be if it continues to deteriorate.

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