The freeze won’t hurt the trees

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The recent warmer weather caused some trees to flower, but it could still be a few more weeks until we see full leaves.

It may seem late for leaves to start growing, but Purdue Dendrology Professor Sally Weeks said that is not the case.

Weeks says the last few spring seasons have been unusually warm early, which brought leaves out sooner.

Weeks said it will take more than a couple of warm days to bring out the leaves.

“These trees are kind of holding off. They’ve evolved with our weather, so they’re holding off until they know that they’re not going to get their leaves frozen off or their flowers frozen off — things like that,” said Weeks.

By late April to early May, Weeks said she expects to see trees to begin to flower. Weeks said because there are no leaves, any potential snow or freeze will not have an effect on the trees.

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