North White schools talk guns on campus again

MONON, Ind. (WLFI) – The North White School Board held another hearing Monday night on whether to allow guns on campus.

The board discussed newly proposed requirements to a policy that would allow administrators and school board members to carry firearms on school property.

The new requirements would not permit revolvers on school property, only semi-automatic handguns. They would also only allow certain levels of holsters.

The board also prepared a presentation explaining that those wishing to carry a firearm would have to attend two mandatory training sessions.

People on both sides of the argument, including students, teachers, parents and police officers voiced their opinions to the board.

President Shannon Mattix said the board is still doing their homework on all possibilities before they vote.

“Tonight was the second reading of our firearm policy. We’re still exploring other options, especially around the liability aspect of it, but we want to make sure we have it right before we would do that. So, those things have to come into play,” said Mattix.

Mattix said it’s unknown at this time when the board will vote on the policy.

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