Purdue project will map the sounds of the world

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Purdue Professor Bryan Pijanowski wants people to appreciate how life sounds. He’s so passionate about sound ecology that he wants to collect a million recordings from all over the world. Pijanowski, a professor in the Human-Environment Modeling & Analysis Laboratory at Purdue, talked about the project Tuesday on News 18 This Morning.

“The idea here is to get people outdoors and listening,” Pijanowski said. “And help us researchers collect information about the sounds that occur in the environment.”

Pijanowski said in a time when images are getting more attention, people need to appreciate their audible environment.

“As a society we’ve turned off our ears unfortunately,” said Pijanowski. “I want people to turn them back on and get people out into the wild and listen to the birds and listen to the fine sounds that our earth makes.”

Pijanowski said people can download an app called Soundscape Recorder for Apple or Android device which can easily upload recorded sounds to a database assembled by Purdue researchers. The group has already received sounds from outside the United States but wants to reach one million sounds from all over the world.

You can watch the full interview and hear a sample recording on the Soundscape Recorder app by clicking on the video above.

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