Potholes and dirty roads present hazards for motorcyclists

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The weather is slowly warming up, but road conditions still remain hazardous, especially for motorcyclists.

Potholes and gravel along the road can cause serious damage to a bike and can result in an accident. All Cycles owner Scott Marsell said a six-inch pothole could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Last year Marsell fixed a handful of bikes damaged from potholes. Marsell said he rides this time of year, but avoids certain roads.

“Certain roads are cleaned off. A lot of rain usually helps that,” said Marsell. “Staying towards the inside of the lane normally helps as well. Normally the outside is where all the dirt collects.”

While potholes and gravel are important for motorcyclists to look out for, Marsell said his biggest worry this time of year is other drivers.

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