Crews repairing potholes, rough patches on I-65

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – Crews from the Indiana Department of Transportation are repairing potholes and rough patches on Interstate 65.

Driving on I-65 in Tippecanoe and Clinton counties you’re going to hit some potholes and rough patches.

“Very bad potholes. A lot of potholes,” driver Lisa Morehouse said.

“It was bumpy and the potholes were really bad,” driver Ray Gavril said in regards to I-65.

“Right now, it’s difficult,” Elliott Davis said about traveling to his parents’ house in Indianapolis. “What I’ve noticed, about half way to Indy it seems like it gets worse.”

A bumpy ride INDOT crews are working to fix. INDOT spokeswoman Debbie Calder said the orange cones are out on the interstate just north of the Frankfort exit.

“That project is just north of State Road 28,” Calder said. “It’s a patch and resurface project on I-65. It’s scheduled to be done at the end of June of this year.”

Calder said two major projects to resurface the interstate are coming this fall around the State Road 38 exit and between the State Roads 25 and 43 exits. Until those projects start later this year crews will be working through the summer to repair what they can.

“Until some more projects, construction projects can begin out there our maintenance crews will definitely be out there patching and taking care of the emergency potholes that arise in the rough areas,” Calder said.

“They just sneak right up on you, and you hit it, and of course the traffic is going a little more than 65 miles an hour. So yeah, it’s very scary,” Gavril said.

Until the road is fixed Gavril has a tip for drivers, find another way.

“I would try to take like 52 or some other alternate road that I could go south or north on,” Gavril said.

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