Purdue honors heroes


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Two people that helped evacuate residents from a burning apartment complex are being honored by Purdue University. President Mitch Daniels honored Gregory Cohen and Kevin Thedans with the One Brick Higher Award.

On the morning of April 24, a fire broke out at Riverbend Apartments just south of campus. Cohen lives in the complex, saw the fire and began getting people out. Thedans was driving on Tapawingo Drive when he saw flames and drove over to help.

Thedans is a 22-year Army veteran and Cohen is in the Purdue Army ROTC. Thedans said he is proud of the courage Cohen showed that morning.

“What he did there that day and what he was doing, I think, showed a lot of discipline on his part. Being that he is affiliated with the military, it probably means a little more to me, than it would somebody else. To see somebody act in the manner that he did,” Thedans said.

Cody Day, 22, of Connersville, Ind. died in the fire. Cohen said he did make contact with Day and warned him of the fire. He said Day was awake, but does not know why he didn’t leave the apartment.

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