Poll shows it’s all about ‘how you do it’

Purdue University (WLFI File Photo)
Purdue University (WLFI File Photo)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – It’s “how you do it” rather than “where you go.” Or so say the findings of the Gallup-Purdue Index poll, which surveyed the college experience and success later in life.

Researchers surveyed more than 30,000 graduates in the United States concerning alumni attachment to Alma maters and their well-being both in college and the workplace.

They said the odds of graduates being more engaged in the workplace doubled if they had professors and mentors in college who cared about them, excited them about learning, and supported their dreams. The results also did not find a distinction between private and public schools.

The study suggests a discussion on changing the college experience to include more emotional support, deep-learning opportunities and real-life applications for students.

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