Police remind drivers to buckle up

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Lafayette police are reminding drivers to buckle up while out on the roads. Law enforcement agencies will be taking part in the national Click it or Ticket campaign. The campaign lasts until June 1.

Lafayette Police Department is one of 248 agencies participating in the effort to enforce seat belt laws.

Lafayette Police Traffic Technician Matt Devine said the campaign helps reduce the number of drivers not wearing seat belts.

“It’s a constant thing that we’re watching, and we’re just trying to have be safe, and buckle up and enjoy the upcoming holiday season. We’ve got Memorial Day coming up and we want everyone to be safe,” said Devine.

Traffic stops will be set up on certain roads during the campaign.

Devine said the goal of the campaign isn’t to write tickets, but to ensure people use their seat belts.

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