Summer injuries can be prevented with common sense


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Emergency rooms are busier as people become more active during the summer months.

IU Health Arnett Emergency Physician Chris Brandenburg said he is starting to see more people with ankle, back and muscle injuries. He said head injuries are also something he is treating more often.

Brandenburg said it is good to see people being active, but he said taking simple precautions could save a trip to the hospital.

“If you’re bicycling, wearing a helmet and those types of things. Just keeping out of a situation where you are likely to have a serious injury. That’s really what we worry more about in the emergency department,” said Brandenburg. “I mean, you’re going to sprain your ankle, you’re going to have soft tissue injuries. We obviously don’t want you to have anything that’s life-threatening or serious.”

Brandenburg said to avoid bug bites, people should use bug spray and wear long sleeves and pants when insects are more active.

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