Brookston intersection getting a proper fix

BROOKSTON, Ind. (WLFI) – In Brookston, a crumbling intersection is getting some rehab.

The intersection of State Road 18 and State Road 43 has been fixed multiple times in the last six years by the Indiana Department of Transportation, but it keeps deteriorating causing a big pothole.

The stretch of State Road 18 used to be a brick street. The bricks are now covered in layers of asphalt. According to some residents, the problem started when truck drivers hauling gravel began using the intersection on their way to wind turbine fields.

Becky Lehe owns a boutique next to the intersection. She said the pothole is dangerous for drivers.

“It just seems like you have to swerve around it in either direction and run the risk of an accident, or just bypass it all together,” said Lehe.

“It’s finally done and we’re glad because the amount of traffic that comes through here daily is phenomenal. We’re glad to be back on track with smooth roads again,” said flower shop owner Sandy Kenyon.

The intersection was closed while INDOT pulled up the bricks and filled the hole with asphalt. INDOT has plans to remove all the bricks in the near future.

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