Food costs on the rise

California drought could impact food costs.
California drought could impact food costs.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Trips to the grocery store might cost shoppers a few extra dollars this summer

Drought conditions in California could affect the price of fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy.

Purdue Ag Economist Chris Hurt said early indications suggest prices are beginning to move up. Hurt said beef and pork prices are up nearly 10 percent from last year due to reduced supplies.

If shoppers are trying to save money at the register, Hurt said they should wait for store specials on certain foods.

“As consumers, we do have choice. We can use our selection opportunity to really make our budget go a little bit further,” said Hurt.

Overall food costs are up two percent from last year. Hurt said the increase is on par with general inflation.

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