A perfect pairing; wine, art, cars

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) – The wine at the Whyte Horse Winery was paired perfectly with art and cars. The Monticello winery held its 16th Art of the Vine event Sunday.

Traditionally, the event has a classic car show. Car show organizer Ken Prieboy said the show started with about a dozen cars several years ago. On Sunday, there were about 125.

Art vendors are also welcome at the event. Whyte Horse Winery Co-owner Larry Pampel said the arts and wine are a perfect pair.

“We feel making wine is an art form,” Pampel said. “So, you have the art form, you have people who are creative in their own way just as we are creative in making wine. Then, most of these cars back here are passions. Just as the winery for us is a passion, and the art is a passion, the cars are a passion for the guys who bring them.”

“It’s a total perfect match,” Prieboy said. “The people who come with the cars, they like to sit down, relax, go have a glass of wine or two, or a bottle or two.”

The winery holds two art and car shows a year. The next one will be the first Sunday in October.

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