Gathering in Frankfort from across Indiana to get healthy

FRANKFORT, Ind. (WLFI) – People from across Indiana are in Frankfort to learn to promote healthy lifestyles in their own communities.

Healthy Communities of Clinton County invited more than 100 people to the Creating Healthy Communities Conference. Those in attendance, from police and firefighters to mayors and city leaders, learned how to start wellness programs.

Director Carol Price spoke to the audience about promoting healthy diets, walking paths and how to get people to stop smoking.

“We need to look at our health risks because that will determine our future health,” Price said.

She said when creating a healthy community, you have to look people’s overall health habits.

“If we don’t walk. If we don’t eat right and we smoke. Those are the risk factors that cause the chronic diseases,” said Price. “So we are trying to stop the chronic diseases from happening, rather than just make people more comfortable with them.”

Price plans to hold more clinics like this one.

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes said Clinton County went from 51st to 31st healthiest county in Indiana because of the success of their wellness programs.

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