Purdue professor named president of historical society

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A Purdue professor is about to be named president of a national historical society.

Professor Caroline Janney will be named president of the Society of Civil War Historians at a ceremony in Baltimore next week. The society is comprised of several hundred Civil War scholars, who promote further studies of the Civil War.

Janney said it’s been nearly 150 years since the war, but it still impacts us today.

“I hope that people will keep in mind that the way that we think about and remember the war is not a passive act. Every generation creates its own memories and thinks about the war in ways that are much different than the previous generation,” said Janney.

Janney has been a part of the society since 2002 and has written two books about the Civil War. She says she has always had a passion for Civil War history, but never thought about teaching until her senior year at the University of Virginia.

Janney will serve as president till 2016.

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