Local teen writes first book at age 15

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – As 16-year-old Jake Languell reflects on the time spent working on his first published book, he said it wasn’t an easy process.

It’s a 200 page book,” said Languell. “I could have just stopped at the first 50 pages, but I persisted and kept going all the way to the end.”

Languell and another classmate at Oakland High School earned honors credits by writing a book. In just under five months, he was done writing.

After using a website to publish his work, the novel titled, “Adam’s Book” was finished. Languell’s dream was a reality.

“I knew I’d the love feeling of holding a book with my name on it,” said Languell.

The teen said he learned a lot during the writing process. Although the process had ups and downs, it taught him how to persevere.

“Not for a second in my mind when I was writing this did I think, ‘What if I don’t get this done?’ It was just like I’ve got to work harder so it will be done,” said Languell.

It also taught him how to believe in himself.

“Wanting it isn’t enough. You have to show that you want it,” said Languell. “You have to exercise that belief,”

Languell will continue to improve his writing over the summer while earning college credit. Thanks to a scholarship, the high school junior will begin summer courses at Stanford at the end of June.

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