Miss Indiana shares her thoughts on her national attention

Miss Indiana (WISH Photo)
Miss Indiana (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) –On Tuesday night Miss Indiana talked about all the attention she has been getting, even though she didn’t end up with the Miss USA crown.

Mekayla Diehl has been causing national buzz because of her appearance in the swimsuit competition.

People are applauding Diehl for having what they call a “real” body.

Diehl says she’s happy to be providing an alternative to the super skinny look many contestants have.

“Today’s woman is healthy and that’s what I represent, I guess, and I’m ok with it. I’m happy that girls are looking to me and thanking me for being average I suppose.

The Elkhart County native made it into the top 20 Sunday, but in the end the judges chose Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, to be Miss USA 2014.

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