TSC ‘Pays it Forward’ for school lunches

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Pay it Forward — an account set up by the McCutcheon cafeteria staff to allow unpaid lunch balances for teachers and students to be paid.

The idea for the account was started for McCutcheon students two weeks prior to the end of this school year. But due to a large interest in the program, it has since expanded to cover all students in the Tippecanoe School Corporation.

Parents, teachers and even a few businesses have donated enough this year to cover the $447 that students owed for school lunches in the entire corporation.

Cafeteria manager Shirley Russell said the account drew support instantly.

“Within a couple of hours, we had paid off all of the negative lunch accounts here at McCutcheon and had a little bit left over to use at the other schools,” Russell said.

To donate to the Pay it Forward you can contact the Food Service Department by clicking here.

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