New sheriff’s candidate in town

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — A former Lafayette and Purdue police officer turned in his paperwork to run for Sheriff of Tippecanoe County Thursday.

Chris Schiuszi is running as an Independent in the race. He had to get 699 signatures from registered voters in the county to be able to run in the race for sheriff.

Schiuszi said his 15 years as an officer combined with management experience makes him the man for the job.

“I’ll bring leadership [and] 21 years of management experience. I’ll bring all my time I’ve had as a police officer to the table, and also I feel that I’m a people person. So, I need to be in the street with the people,” Schiuszi said.

The election board will verify the signatures over the next couple of days. If everything goes through, Schiuszi will run against Republican candidate Barry Richard in November.

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