Raiders get World Cup fever

WEST LAFAYETTTE, Ind. (WLFI) — The World Cup rolls around once every four years. Soccer fans all over the globe get together to watch their favorite teams. No different here in town for the members of Harrison’s soccer team.

Sporting the jerseys of their favorite teams and with their eyes glued to the screen, the Raiders relish their World Cup get-together.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s like a big long tailgate. Going out there and enjoying everybody and just watching a good show. Hanging out with these guys is just great. It’s good team bonding and we all love it.” says Harrison soccer coach Bryan Clouse.

For most of the Raiders, it’s all fun and games. But for Max Miller, the tournament presents an amusing conflict of interest.

“I like the U.S. I don’t know who I’m going to root for though when they play each other. Because my dad is American and my mom is German, I don’t know who I should root for, because I’ll get disowned one way or the other,” says freshman Max Miller.

It’s quite evident — the Raiders have World Cup Fever!

“I think it’s really fun because we can have some team bonding, as well as having fun watching the games. It’s just fun to be with the team and see all the stuff happening, fun,” says freshman Alex Clauson.

They even set up a game of pickup indoor soccer in coach’s basement.

“I figured we had the space down there and what a great way to celebrate today and let the guys knock it around downstairs. They’re having a blast doing it,” Clouse said.

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