Lafayette’s recycling trucks get spruced up

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Lafayette’s recycling trucks are getting a new look thanks to the Mayor’s Youth Council.

Members of the council were asked to come up with a new look for the trucks while promoting recycling. The first of four designs was unveiled this morning at Columbian Park.

The council incorporated the city flag and a cartoon recycling bin on the side that reads, ‘Let’s do it now!’

Lafayette Street Commissioner Dan Crowell said the Mayor’s Youth Council is doing its part to help the city.

“It’s good lessons for the kids that are involved in it,” Crowell said. “They have to come up with ideas. They have to be part of something. They’re very artistic, very talented children. We’re really proud of them.”

Youth council member Julianne Delaney believes the design will remind people to recycle.

“We wanted to make something fun. I know that I’d be more prone to do something, if it looked fun and looked interesting or kind of different,” said Delaney. “I think when people see these driving around town, it’ll be something different. It will catch their eye and maybe make them think more about recycling.”

The other three newly designed trucks will roll out later this summer.

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