Purdue departments work together to help victims

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The Purdue police and fire departments are working together to treat victims during active shooter situations.

According to Purdue Police Chief John Cox, officers are trained to only locate the shooter while the scene is active. Now, the police and emergency responders are learning to enter active scenes together to treat critically injured people.

A program developed by the U.S. military called Tactical Emergency Casualty Care provides cover for responders as they move through the scene. When the victim is located, they are quickly treated and moved to safety.

Cox said this training saves lives.

“Because we have our own fire department here at the university, we are able to train more intimately together,” said Cox. “We’re also able to react quicker together and be able to do things before hand and work the bugs out, so we can get into the actual situation and function at a higher level.”

Cox said every Purdue police officer is receiving this training.

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