West Lafayette ready for plane fire training

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – West Lafayette firefighters will team up with Grissom Air Reserve Base to learn how to respond to a plane crash.

Purdue Fire Department is in charge of events at the Purdue Airport, but West Lafayette Fire Chief Tim Heath said he wants his crews to be ready just in case they have to assist Purdue Fire, or if a plane doesn’t make it to the airport before crashing.

The agreement will allow crews from Grissom Air Reserve Base in Miami County to train West Lafayette firefighters on how to respond to a plane fire call. It will take about three years to train everyone.

Heath’s original fire training is in plane fires. He said he’s been wanting to get his crews trained for a while.

“Well, this is something I wanted to do initially when I came on,” Heath said. “It’s just been kind of set on the back burner, while we’ve done other things and got our training in line. So, it’s just kind of come to the forefront now.”

The agreement will have to be approved by the Department of Defense. Training will begin immediately following approval.

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