Camp to boost interest in computer science

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A summer camp at Purdue gets kids interested in computer science.

Adventures in Computer Science gives children a hands-on experience. Campers enhance and develop skills in programming, algorithms, problem solving and web design.

On Wednesday, kids played a game using a large board and robots made from Legos. They programmed the robots to move about the board to reach a final goal.

Camp director Phil Sands said kids learn more than just computer skills.

“I think what they get out of it is the idea of looking ahead and thinking about what other people might do,” Sands said. “When you program, a lot of times, you think about some of the circumstances that may occur. I would argue that algorithmic thinking is good for all people in all situations in life — absolutely!”

Next week, the camp will host high school students and focus on cybersecurity.

This the 18th year for Purdue’s computer science camp.

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