Staying hydrated for the summer

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A cool drink can help you beat the heat this summer, but doctors say to keep in mind what you drink.

Energy drinks may give you that boost in caffeine, but doctors said it won’t help you stay as hydrated as other drinks.

As the body loses water, Purdue assistant nursing professor Janet Thorlton said a person begins to feel thirsty and tired. She said a person drinking an energy drink won’t receive the right nutrients to replenish the body.

“They’re really truly feeling fatigued, and they think an energy is going to boost them. But all that’s doing is giving you caffeine, sugar and some herbal ingredients, that actually are mimicking caffeine,” said Thorlton.

Thorlton said if you’re working outside, to take a break and hydrate every 30 minutes. Water and sports drinks are the best ones to use to stay hydrated in the hot and humid weather.

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