Daniels meets with Colombian students

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – President Mitch Daniels is trying to bring more diversity to Purdue’s student enrollment.

Monday afternoon Daniels met with 26 Colombian students, who are studying abroad at the university. The students are part of a program between Purdue and Colombia to improve the scientific and business workforce within the country.

The program is also a way to bring more international students from non-Asian countries.

Daniels said he wants to get to know the students better and is trying to recruit them to stay longer.

“We’d like to have a little higher percentage from South America and Latin America to go with the terrific numbers we have from principally countries in Asia,” said Daniels.

Of the 26 students studying abroad, 22 of them will be spending six months on campus and four will be spending three months on campus.

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