Lift in ban causes boost in jewelry sales

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The state’s lift on the gay marriage ban has caused a significant increase in jewelry sales.

At Vierk’s Jewelry in Lafayette sales have increased nearly 50 percent. Weekly wedding band sales have also doubled this week. The store has rearranged staff hours to handle the increase in business.

Vierk’s Jewelry Store vice president Jeff Vierk said the boost in sales came as a surprise, but probably shouldn’t have been.

“It’s kept everyone on their toes. Our head goldsmith is busy doing custom designs. It’s thrown him for a loop, creating some new things, but it’s been fun. It’s been a good experience,” said Vierk. “People have always been in a committed relationships and they’ve always represented with rings and things. It’s been a steady business in the past. But with the ban, I think it’s given people some incentive to make it a legal commitment.”

This weekend is expected to be busy for the jewelry store.

Vierk said he expects the boost in business to last at least another week or two.

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