Basketball hoop to return to Columbian Park soon

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The basketball hoops at Columbian Park are one step closer to returning, now that security cameras have been installed.

As News 18 has already reported, the hoops were taken down last year after neighbors voiced their concerns about fights, graffiti and foul language around the basketball court.

Now, security cameras have been installed around the court, the Jenks Rest parking lot and the shelters.

Lafayette Parks Superintendent Claudine Laufman said one hoop will go soon.

“It is our intent to go ahead and install that new basketball goal within the next several days,” said Laufman.

Parkgoers will also notice more “No Smoking” signs in areas throughout the parks. Laufman said it’s a recent move by the parks board to provide some clarity about the city’s smoking policy.

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