Cool temps affecting business at the pools

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Unseasonably cool temperatures are keeping some visitors away from public pools, but not everyone!

Wednesday morning it was a full house at the West Lafayette Municipal Pool. Pool manager Sue Mattern said despite the cooler temperatures, the pool is still open.

She said the busiest time is during the mornings when kids are attending swimming lessons. But during the afternoon, Mattern said they aren’t seeing as many visitors as they normally would in the middle of July.

“Sometimes, we’ll cut back the staff to like a skeleton crew of 4 or 5 guards,” Mattern said. “And then if it’s 6:30 and the load is low, we close early for the evening and throw in the towel and head home.”

Mattern said the pool will close for the season on Aug. 10.

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