Fewer children are participating in sports

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The number of children who participate in organized sports is declining. According to experts,  the number of kids in youth sports leagues has dropped nearly four percent over a five year period.

Indiana Youth Institute President and CEO Bill Stanczykiewicz said there are a number of factors such as growing health concerns, like head injuries, or the cost of equipment. He said the decline concerns him because sports can have a positive impact that lasts into adulthood.

“The U.S. Surgeon General has said the number one health concern among the nations youth is too much inactivity. A child who is in an organized youth sports league is obviously more physically active, but is much more likely to stay physically active,” said Stanczykiewicz.

If a child is playing sports, Stancyzkiewicz said parents need to make sure the league has proper safety measures in place.

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