New Act aimed at helping area job seekers and businesses

WASHINGTON (WLFI) – There should be more help for local residents looking for a job in areas like advanced manufacturing and advanced machining.

President Barack Obama signed the bipartisan Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act into law Wednesday. It includes elements of bills that were introduced by Sen. Joe Donnelly (D).

Donnelly said the Act modernizes existing job search, job training and career development programs.

“What it does is, it targets those areas in the economy where we see jobs being created — where employers have told us, ‘Look, we have jobs that are available. We just need skilled people to fill them.’ It targets those skilled areas,” he said.

Donnelly added some of those jobs are in areas like welding and electronics.

“It really sharpens the focus. Workforce development were available but they were across the spectrum. Now this isn’t any increase in workplace development funds, but what it does is it targets the dollars into the areas that the jobs are,” Donnelly said.

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