Cardboard Boat Regatta takes strategy and skill

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) – Some succeeded, some failed, but all had fun at the second annual Cardboard Boat Regatta in Monticello.

The Monticello Rotary Club hosted the event Saturday. Participants are required to build a boat out of cardboard then they race.

The event was split up into six heats plus a final. Rotary Club president Liz Oiler said she usually sees a specific design win the races.

“We’ve learned throughout the years. Well, it’s only our second year, that the lower you can keep (the boat) the better off (you are),” Oiler said.

The money raised at the Regatta will go to the Monticello Parks Department. Oiler said the club plans to hold the event next year.

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