Cold winter prevents peaches from growing in Indiana

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – Peach yields across the state have been virtually wiped out by the frigid temperatures in January and February.

At Wea Creek Orchard in Tippecanoe County the peach trees appear healthy, but were unable to produce any crops.

Apple yields have dipped slightly as well because all of the orchard’s bees were killed off last winter. The bees help maximize the number of apples each tree produces.

Orchard manager Kevin Thompson said it’s rare for weather to have such a strong affect on their crops.

“We just happened to have two April freezes two years ago, which wiped all of our peaches and apples, then we had this cold winter that wiped the peaches this year. Pretty rare, but we’ll get by it,” Thompson said.

While there are no peaches on the trees this year, they are expected to return next year if the weather permits.

Thompson said they are having peaches sent in from a southern Illinois orchard.

Wea Creek will be open next Friday at noon.

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