Sour outlook for Indiana grape yields

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Indiana’s grape crop yields do not look as promising as they did last year due to the cold winter.

Purdue Horticulture Professor Bruce Bordelon said the persistent sub-zero temperatures took a major toll on the state’s grape production. He said temperatures 10 below zero is the threshold when the grape plants become damaged.

The quality of grape will not be affected, but supply of grapes will be short. Because of this local wineries may have to get grapes from other states, like California.

“I think, growers across the entire region, Ohio, New York, all of us are seeing the same thing,” said Bordelon. “Everybody is a little bit shocked at how bad the damage is and just how far back this is going to set people.”

Bordelon said it may take two or more years to get the grape crop back to where it was last year. He said this year has been a learning experience for him and other growers.

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