Victim warns of copper theft

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A Lafayette home was broken into and stripped for copper just a day before new homeowners were scheduled to close on it.

Norm Kemper, the current owner of the house on Everett Street, said the back door was broken into within the last week. When he went to check on the home Thursday, he found running water in the basement. He said copper pipes were missing. He also noticed that copper from the outdoor air conditioning unit had been stolen. He called police and filed a report.

Kemper said he doesn’t know what this means now for the buyers who were looking forward to moving into the home. But it means he’s out about $1,500 and estimates that only $30 worth of copper was taken.

“I’m somewhat alarmed and disappointed, but I will keep going. I know these are crooks and I cannot allow crooks stopping me from living my life the way I want it,” said Kemper.

Lafayette police shift commanders confirmed that the department took a report at the home. They said copper thefts are not something the department has been dealing with lately.

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